SODIAL(R) Beauty Ultime et R¨¦utilisable Maquillage ?ponge Applicateur – 4pc Makeup Sponge Blender

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SODIAL(R) Beauty Ultime et Reutilisable Maquillage eponge Applicateur – 4pc Makeup Sponge Blender.
No need to use your fingers to blend your makeup anymore.
This set includes the tools that you need to have for perfect makeup application.
The set includes several makeup applicators for your different cosmetic needs.
The flatter sponge will do amazing job with full coverage makeup such as: foundation, powder and cream.
The tear drop shape with the tip or pointy edges will do the best job with direct coverage around hard to reach areas such as: lips nostrils and eyes or with a concealer.
The sponges are made from high quality materials designed especially for smooth makeup application.
Therefore, they will evenly distribute your foundation or powder and will not suck up your expensive cosmetics into the sponge.
The sponge is latex and odor free and is non-allergenic.
is happy to introduce its latest innovation for makeup application, the makeup sponge, an extremely versatile tool for makeup application. Gives flawless and smooth foundation application. Set includes 4 cosmetic sponges in variety of sizes and colours. (exactly as on the product pictures)
No more blending with your fingers, apply makeup on like a pro – evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage.
Product is reusable if cared for properly, please wash your sponge frequently with a soft shampoo and air dry.
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