Une Barbe Fournie et Hydratée ? Huile de Croissance de la Barbe par Swiss Lab Series. Hydrate et Stimule la Pousse | 50ml


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Swiss Lab Series presents our Beard Accelerator Oil from our Beard Series Range

Our products are meticulously mixed by hand by our highly skilled herbalists. Their knowledge of plants and herbs outshines that of most botanists. Our passionate staff encapsulate over 40 years’ experience in lotions, potions and specialist blends.

Our modern and sophisticated labs take the world of beardology to a new level. Our herbal technicians concoct, pour, condense and analyse at every step, paying special attention to the brew in-order-to achieve perfection every time. Our Beard Accelerator Oil is one of the absolute best in range and you will not regret using or amazing product.

The subtle scent in this Beard Oil is provided by essential oils, and these serve a dual purpose. Biotin encourages new hair growth in order to give you a thicker, more lustrous beard saturating the hair in proteins building the hair from root to tip.

Underneath the beard, our beard growth oil reduces skin irritation making your beard comfortable and healthy. Our Beard Oil supercharges the speed of your beard growth by clearing debris and toxins from the beard and skin essential cleansing the face and beard.

We pour our time and attention into achieving blends that we are outstandingly proud to be part of. We don’t just produce products, we produce perfection. Don’t like our Beard Oil? That’s no problem; we are so confident that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee with every purchase of Swiss Lab Series Beard Accelerator Oil.

ENTRETENEZ VOTRE BARBE : Poils secs, fourchus et mal entretenus ? Beard Accelerator Oil de Swiss Lab Series vous aidera à transformer, assouplir et entretenir votre barbe.
DITES A DIEU AUX DEMANGEAISONS : Une peau sèche est souvent synonyme de démangeaisons et de pellicules, il ne faut surtout pas oublier la peau en dessous de votre barbe. Beard Accelerator Oil de Swiss Lab Series est concentrée en actifs, huiles essentielles (amandes, ricin, kukui, pépins de raisin..) et vitamine E pour nourrir et hydrater votre peau en profondeur et lutter contre la sécheresse et les démangeaisons.
STIMULEZ LA POUSSE : l’huile de ricin est connue pour ses vertus adoucissantes et densifiantes. Si votre barbe a des trous ou des zones clairsemées ou tout simplement vous avez les poils trop fins, Beard Accelerator Oil de Swiss Lab Series vous aidera en stimulant la pousse.
SENTEZ BON : Parfum masculin léger aux huiles essentielles fraîches et boisées.
Huile à Barbe Naturelle

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